Our Response to Radiation Concerns

Renton, WA — April 15, 2011

To All Orca Bay Customers:

Recent tragic events in Japan have generated a high level of concern regarding radioactive, biological and chemical contaminants in the United States food supply. Orca Bay is totally committed to maintaining the highest standards regarding the integrity of our products and continually tests for various chemical and biological hazards to insure a safe, healthy and wholesome supply of seafood for our customers.

Orca Bay has no seafood of Japanese origin in our supply chain nor do we procure any fish from the coastal waters of Japan. Additionally due to seasonal factors and length of the supply chain all products either in inventory or in transit was harvested prior to occurrence of the nuclear accident. We are closely monitoring the situation and will respond accordingly to all government directives.

The Food and Drug Administration offers the following statement regarding radioactivity in the US seafood supply:

How will the radiation affect fish and seafood that have not yet been fished or harvested?

The great quantity of water in the Pacific Ocean rapidly and effectively dilutes radioactive material, so fish and seafood are likely to be unaffected. However, FDA is taking all steps to evaluate and measure any contamination in fish presented for import into the US.

Steam with radionuclide contamination disperses in the air and deposits on water/ground surface. Over how wide an area depends, among other things, on how high the steam is propelled and on wind speeds at that altitude range. If it deposits on water, it is further dispersed by currents and, ultimately, the laws of diffusion. If the amount of water available is large, the concentration becomes very low. However, FDA is taking all steps to evaluate and measure any contamination in fish presented for import into the US.

 What about domestic seafood caught in the North Pacific?

Seafood from the United States waters of the North Pacific is safe to eat. In the unlikely scenario that airborne pollutants could affect U.S. fishermen or fish landed in the U.S., FDA will work with NOAA to ensure testing of seafood caught in those areas, and inspection of facilities that process and sell seafood from those areas.

Further information about radiation safety can be found at the FDA website by following this link:


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