Orca Bay Seafoods Partners with Kuskokwim Seafoods

Renton, WA — May 21, 2012

RENTON, WAMAY 18TH, 2012 – Orca Bay Seafoods, Inc. has entered into an exclusive sales and marketing partnership with Kuskokwim Seafoods, LLC of Bethel, Alaska for all of their fresh and frozen salmon production.

Kuskokwim Seafoods was formed in 2010 to offer more opportunities for fishers on the Kuskokwim River at or above Bethel to sell their catch closer to home. In 2011, they wanted to expand their business and their reach and Orca Bay is proud to be an exclusive partner. To find out more about Kuskokwim Seafoods, please visit their website: http://www.kuskokwimseafoods.com

By partnering with both Leader Creek and Kuskokwim Seafoods, Orca Bay has secured for their customers a direct line to some of the most bountiful fishing grounds in Alaska and a continued source of the highest quality salmon available.

Orca Bay Seafoods is a leading North American seafood processor and distributor since 1985. Based out of Renton, WA, Orca Bay distributes retail and foodservice seafood products, including their own Orca Bay brand club store and 10oz retail lines. Visit orcabayseafoods.com for more information. 

Kuskokwim Seafoods is a small processor, located on the seawall in Bethel, Alaska.  They provide a market to the local salmon fishers for their iced and bled king, sockeye, chum and coho salmon.

For more information contact:

Josh Mackey
Marketing & Communications                                                                          
Tel: (425) 687-4111
Email: jmackey@orcabayfoods.com
Web: http://www.orcabayseafoods.com
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